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Dromida RTRs: economy, ease and extras

What makes Dromida RTRs stand out? Price, convenience, completeness and a host of high-end performance features that other RTRs can't match!

High-intensity LED lights (DB4.18 and DT4.18 only)

So you can drive all day and on into the night!

Big Bore oil shocks

Oil-filled so they work better than spring-only shocks. Big Bore for more shock- absorbing power

Waterproof ESC, receiver & steering servo

To protect your investment and electronics from damage — and keep the action going.

Big M370 brushed motor

Brute power for fast acceleration and 20+ mph speeds

2.4GHz radio system

Advanced and interference-free, so you can drive with your friends

Independent steering servo

Speeds steering response and agility

High-traction tires

Glued to the rims for ease and supported by foam inserts for better handling

4-wheel shaft drive

Simple, dependable way to provide balanced power and traction to all four wheels

Full set of ball bearings

To reduce friction and wear and increase top-end speeds

Adjustable independent suspension

With (camber and caster) settings for fine-tuning performance

Integral servo saver

Prevents servo gears from stripping under strain

Tough, polycarbonate bodies

Rip-resistant, finished and decaled for lasting good looks

Gear differential

Extremely rugged and reliable. Requires little/no adjustment and maintenance.

Multiple shock mounting locations

For tailoring shock-absorbing action to the driving surface you're on

Longer chassis with countersunk screw holes

Longer for greater straight-line stability, and assembled with countersunk, flat-head screws to prevent hang-ups

Oversized front/rear bumpers

Absorb impacts that might otherwise damage your vehicle and components (SC and MT only)

Adjustable aluminum motor mount

Strong and lightweight. Lets you change pinions/gear ratios for top performance on a wide range of surfaces

Tough and easily repairable/upgradeable

Replacement, option and hop-up parts are readily available to help you maintain — and upgrade — performance.