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D100 2-Channel 2.4GHz Pistol Radio

The D100 transmitter is completely dependable, amazingly light and perfect for a full day of driving fun. It comes with a combination receiver and speed control, which is factory-installed for ease and waterproofed for protection against moisture. The receiver links to the transmitter with the push of a button.

Other features include trims and servo reversing, as well as these two handy extras: dual-rate steering and dual-rate throttle. On low (beginner) rate, your vehicle responds slowly, so you have more time to think and react. Once you feel comfortable, you can switch to high rate for quicker response.

Comes with the four "AA" batteries required.

Independent, Waterproof Steering Servo

Some RTRs combine the steering servo, speed control and receiver into a 3-in-1 unit. Dromida RTRs combine the receiver and speed control, but leave the steering servo separate. Why?

Because a separate servo means better steering. Dromida steering is like full-size vehicles and larger R/C vehicles — smooth and easy.

6-cell, 1300mAh NiMH Battery, AC Charger & Charge Monitor

battery and charger

There's only one word for this battery in an 1/18 scale vehicle: generous.

You usually find batteries like this only in larger, heavier vehicles. Putting it in a Dromida RTR puts split-second acceleration and wailing top-end speeds at your fingertips any time you want it. And with 1300mAh, it has enough run-time capacity to outlast most RTRs around.

And recharging is easy: just connect the charger to the nearest wall outlet and the charge monitor between the charger and your pack. The monitor will glow red when the battery is charging. When it stops glowing (about 4 hours), your pack is fully charged…and you're ready to roll again.

2.4GHz technology: the best R/C has to offer

2.4GHz radios broadcast on a number of channels, hopping from one to another — usually in a matter of milliseconds. The odds of two radios broadcasting on the same channel at the same time are so small that same-channel interference is almost non-existent. It means that you'll always be in control of your vehicle – and you'll never have to worry about runaways.

Here's another dependability feature: the ability to link the transmitter and receiver with the push of a button. Once that button is pushed, your vehicle's receiver won't respond to any signal except the one from your transmitter.

What does that mean to you? Simply this: it means you and your friends can have fun driving together whenever you want