German English Air Surface

The Ominus features include:

Fully assembled quadcopter

With tough plastic frame

Extreme durability and flight capabilities

Tough enough to survive routine crashes with ease. Stable enough to fly indoors or out.

Multiple Flight Modes — Beginner, Normal, Advanced and Expert

Four flight modes allow you to add or remove flight assistance features and customize every flight to your style.

Long Flight Times

The included battery delivers 12-15 minute flights on a full charge.

Auto Flip Button

One button is all you need to pull off pro-style flips quick!

Vibrant LED lights

Intense LEDs add extra light to every flight, day or night.

Available in four different colors

Four sleek trim schemes increase the impact of this ominous aerobat.

Advanced stabilization system with three-axis gyros and three-axis accelerometers

Gyros stabilize your heli in pitch, yaw, and roll plus compensating for unwanted motion on any axis. You can activate or deactivate all flight assistance with one transmitter button

On-board LED low battery indicator

Keep track of the power level on your model with a simple on-board LED.

700mAh 3.7v 1S LiPo battery

The optimized battery for this model. Delivers 12-15 minute flight times on one charge

High-Output USB fast charger

Specialized for the included battery lets you spend less time on the charger and more in the air!

2.4GHz SLT™ radio system

Ergonomic radio with Secure Link Technology, digital trims, selectable flight modes, auto-flip, dual rates, superior interference-free operation and more.

Extra set of blades

A full set of four extra blades is included.